LadBible aims to beat BuzzFeed in viral media battle

The publisher, says Tyrrell, also rarely posts the same video across different platforms, making sure that clips are customised to what works best on each platform. Text, for example, is one thing that works well on Tiktok in her view. «As the platforms continue to make more money obviously it means we can bring in more talent to work on those platforms. But we’ve got so many people who are experts on all of them already that we’re in quite a good position.» In contrast, there’s still no direct way to monetise content on Tiktok.

Thanks to the website’s early content, the petri dish of rape culture received a massive antibiotic dose in 2012. These days, the website itself looks much the same as it ever did, with Unilad pumping out viral news and videos. In a 2019 report in The Drum, LADbible cofounder and COO Arian Kalantari is quoted as saying the two companies have joined together «incredibly well». But according to a former Unilad employee, there’s still some lingering animosity between staff, with each side of the lad army «working separately on different floors». Like in many media organisations, there was a disconnect between the editorial and production teams, who were responsible for commissioning and producing original content, and the people in finance responsible for paying them. This meant that as the situation worsened, in August and September of 2018, it was business as usual.

  1. Driscoll’s team now, more often than not, has a direct line with client data teams where she regularly faces interrogation.
  2. Entertaining viral video content, much of it user-generated, helps the publisher build up its followings when accounts are first launched, says Rebecca Tyrrell, Ladbible’s group Tiktok and Instagram lead.
  3. Then it changed its name to The Global Social Media Group Limited on 18th November 2013.
  4. Shares have plunged more than a quarter since its Nasdaq debut on Monday, providing tangible proof that investor scepticism of new media remains.

Comparing LADbible to established news outlets involves an intricate analysis of credibility metrics, comparative analysis, variances in reporting styles and objectivity, and audience trust comparisons. Credibility metrics play a pivotal role in distinguishing between LADbible, a prominent digital platform, and established news outlets. While traditional news sources adhere to well-defined journalistic standards and verification processes, LADbible’s methodologies may differ, gravitating towards engaging content rather than stringent journalistic protocols. Scrutinizing these metrics reveals the nuances in information dissemination and the platform’s reliability in comparison to traditional news outlets. In assessing the public perception and impact of LADbible, it’s imperative to delve into its influence on social media and internet culture, the repercussions of misinformation or misleading content, and the levels of user feedback and trust. The influence of LADbible on social media and internet culture is formidable, contributing significantly to the digital landscape.

It creates money mainly from brands like Lynx, PlayStation, and KFC. Also, it earns money from marketing campaigns, and programmatic advertising on sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Snapchat. They have already created a strong relationship with their audience and they have an understanding of what the audience request from them. LADbible Group publishes original and acquired content,[22][23] including editorial, video, and documentary material, some of which is broadcast live. Their content covers entertainment and celebrity interviews, as well as news and current affairs.

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Keeping up to date on information from multiple sources is critical to ensuring that you have a complete and accurate understanding of any news or content provided by LADBible. It has been confirmed that LADbible operates in a very different space than traditional journalism and social media, with a focus on traditional and social media content. Despite being recognized for its viral and entertaining content, LADbible’s role as a news source is still under scrutiny.


Instances of misreporting or allegations of spreading fake news have cast a shadow on LADbible’s credibility. Understanding the nature and frequency of these instances necessitates a thorough analysis. The exploration of case studies or examples highlighting misreporting fx choice review incidents is crucial in illuminating the platform’s potential shortcomings. Additionally, investigating fact-checking processes employed post-allegations plays a critical role in gauging the platform’s responsiveness to rectifying erroneous information.

In the United States, it has a large audience without a staff. After seeking legal advice, Harry took the LADbible job, but he still had to work his notice period. «I wasn’t allowed in the office, but they made me write really long articles that weren’t read or published,» he says. «They’d literally disappear into a black hole.» Unilad switched all the bylines on Harry’s stories to the pseudonym «Christopher Blunt», effectively erasing his entire body of work. The latest entertainment news, TV, showbiz stories and gossip from the UK and worldwide.

A Big Night Out with… Britain’s Biggest Lads?

I spot an interesting rig where a high-spec TV camera is attached to a mobile phone filming in vertical mode. There is no one-size-fits-all solution more elegant than this beastly camera rig. Operations lead Jake Strong-Jones is a platforms expert. He lists the exact months a bunch of algorithm changes happen.

Creating content for Tiktok is a newsroom-wide effort

Do you ever wonder whether what you read on LADbible is real or a lie? In a world inundated with information, distinguishing fact from fiction is critical. If you’re a LADbible fan, you’re probably wondering if the platform is a trustworthy source of news. “The Buzzfeed IPO was unsurprisingly disappointing for the many other advertising-reliant digital native media companies watching,” she says. For Alice Pickthall, of Enders Analysis, the challenge lies in amassing a big enough business to remain resilient to potential turbulence in the advertising market – but she remains cautious of Ladbible’s long-term prospects.

LadBible argues things have changed and that 40pc of its audience is now female. Still, Solomou has certainly secured rapid growth since dreaming up the concept while studying business management at the University of Leeds 12 years ago. The financial performance lends weight to his argument. While BuzzFeed turned a profit for the first time since 2014 last year, LadBible has lofty targets.

The solly-founded business has an estimated net worth of around $6 million. Alexander has cashed worth 50 million pounds and retains worth about 150 million pounds. The publisher group earned more than $1 million per annum from advertising. Many organizations and companies advertise on its sites. It has already covered the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Ireland, and USA audiences.


Back in June of 2018, few people had any idea of Unilad’s looming catastrophe. Although many of the former staffers I spoke to had gripes about Unilad management and pay, these were also the glory days. It was June of 2018, and former colleague Simon Swales had set up an anonymous blog, Unilad Exposed, threatening to release damaging material about the company’s senior staff members. She told BBC Radio 5 live the site was growing by 250,000 followers a week and getting 3.5 million «likes», shares and comments on its media every day. «It has changed a lot over the past couple of years, which does seem to be a model for a lot of companies – you start off by getting some kind of stranglehold on the market, then you can make yourself acceptable to a wider demographic.»

Again it changed its name to 65TWENTY LTD in June 2014. Finally, it changed its name again to Lad bible Group Limited on 16th November 2015. By signing up, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy & to receive electronic communications from Vice Media Group, which may include marketing promotions, advertisements and sponsored content. Coming up against these scenarios was difficult in an office where some employees felt they couldn’t trust HR.

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